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Cryo Lipolysis Laser Slimming Machine With LCD Touch Screen

Cryo Lipolysis Laser Slimming Machine With LCD Touch Screen
Model: TP9
Unit: set/sets
Unit Price: 1 /set/sets
Min order: 1
Product Description:
Detailed Product Description

Cryo Lipolysis Laser Slimming Machine With LCD Touch Screen
what is Cryo ?

Cryo a therapy with a special design cryo-head ,it  vacuums the treated area ,select the bulge cellulite and take out the fat cell's energy by low temperature .Make the triglyceride in the fat cell ageing and die in advance.the fat cell is removed naturally by the metabolism and lymphatic system ,so as to reduce the fat layers ,and reach a goal for partially fat removing by the un-invade method.

Features of Cryo
a.  No surgery,No diet ,and no exercise

b.  Induces Natural Lipolysis Using Cooling engergy

c.  Non-invasion

d.  Safe and precise cooling function

e.  Shorten the treatment time

f.   User-friendly interface

h.  No pain,no risk, and no down time

i.   Reasonable costs for both equipment and consumables

j.   Increases Number of Patients with Reasonable Treatment fee

1. Cryo  is a treatment method of natural fat cell destruction by applying cool temperature to the fat for a certain time ,which does not affect the surrounding cells but delivers on fat cells selectively .

2.Fat is destroyed naturally through the apoptosis process ,In 7-90 days ,fat cell is removed by lymphatic system and it is finally reduced with shape change.

3.It is different by the treatment area and its size but narmally it takes about 20~60minutes .after single treatment ,body shape changes naturally in 30 to 90 days.

Tag : laser beauty equipment, nd yag laser machine, slimming beauty machine
Technique parameter:

Specifications :

Temperature 5~15 °C
Treatment Time 20~60mins
Treatment Area Approximately 10~15cm
Vacuum Intensity 90L/mins
Frequency of RF 1.1MHz~1.5MHz
Massage Level 1~5V
Display 8 inch LCD Touch Screen
Electrical Requirement AC 100V~120V/200V~240V/50Hz/60Hz


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