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Oxygen Concentrator Beauty Equipment for Skin Rejuvenation

Oxygen Concentrator Beauty Equipment for Skin Rejuvenation
Model: OX-100
Trademark: beauty blue
Standard: CE
Unit: UNIT
Origin: China
Unit Price: 1 /UNIT
Productivity: 100 Sets
Min order: 1
Packing: Aluminum Box/Carton
Product Description:
Benefit of breathing O2:
1. Improving and relieving the development of the disease of blood vessels of heart and brain, respiratory system, cardio-pulmonary function, hypertension, heart disease chronic pulmonary disease, etc.
2. Relieving the development of the disease of the internal organs, strengthening the metabolite.
3. Improving to supply the oxygen to the brain, adjusting the brain nervous system.
4. Good for expectant mothers, especially 2 months before pregnant. Making sure that the unborn baby can get enough oxygen to grow better.
5. Recruiting oxygen to the middle aged and old person and inferior health persons.
6. Helping to recovery of strong sports.
7. Accelerating the blood circulation of the skin to make it more healthy and flexible.

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