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You are here: Home » Product List » RF beauty machine » Big  Power  Radio  Frequency(  RF  Face  Lift,  Skin  Tightening,  Improve  Double-Chin,  Acne  Removal)

Big Power Radio Frequency( RF Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Improve Double-Chin, Acne Removal)

Big Power Radio Frequency( RF Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Improve Double-Chin, Acne Removal)
Model: FR220
Trademark: Beauty-blue
Standard: CE
Unit: UNIT
Origin: Beijing, China
Unit Price: 1 /UNIT
Min order: 1
Product Description:
Remove Wrinkle on the Face: Look-up wrinkle, glabellum wrinkle, crow's-feet, channel wrinkle around the nose and the lips, wrinkles at the former ears, down eyelid wrinkle, neck wrinkle.
Promotion and tightening: Promote and tight the forehead, eye-around, face and neck, shrink the pore, remove the double chin.
Shape the body: Arm, thigh, abdomen, promote and tight the waist, improve the orange-peel like tissue on the body.
Melt fat, loose weight, shaping, delete gravidity lines, face shaping.

Period of Treatment:
One time per 21 days, 6 times in total for a period treatment, face operation can not exceed 30 minutes.

Features and Advantages:
1. High applied-range: Impedance technology treatment, suitable to all kinds of skins, applied-range is larger.
2. High safety: Epidermis is cooled by constant temperature, no operation, no anesthesia, no injection and no unbearable pain.
3. High efficiency: Collagen tissue will shrink immediately when the temperature reaches 45-60C, the skin can be lifted and tightened after one treatment.
4. Permanent effect: During 2-6 months after treatment, collagen albumin in the skin reorganizes gradually. Skin becomes smooth, wrinkles turn shallow, and the effect is permanent.
5. Quick treatment: The treatment time is short, and suitable to quick-consumed people.
6. High investment reward: Wide usage and high charge can return the investment quickly.
7. High technology, new technique and high satisfaction of customers: Different from traditional wrinkle dispelling and modeling means, fashionable worldwide.
Technique parameter:

Output energy:300W
Power supply: AC220V  50Hz-60Hz 
Head temperature: 0℃-5℃
Energy density:0-100J/m

Frequency: 400KHz-1.25MHz
Operation mode: long pulse, short pulse, and continuous pulse
Operation environment:temperature:10℃-40℃
Weight :35Kg

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