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Big Power Radio Frequency (RF) Machine

Big Power Radio Frequency (RF) Machine
Model: RF210
Trademark: beauty blue
Unit: UNIT
Origin: China
Unit Price: 1 /UNIT
Min order: 1
Product Description:
Principles of Radio Frequency:
Continuous cooling system greatly increase treatment effect and safety, The delivered RF energy penetrates deeply into the whole dermis and increases effectively the temperature to accelerate dermis and subcutaneous tissue's blood circulations, and to cause immediate contract of collagen tissues and long-term collagen regeneration with a result of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

1. Face lifting: Improve double-chin, remove neck wrinkle, smoothen eye socket.
2. Body tightening
3. Shrinking sweat pores, tighten skin.
4. Acne reduction

1. It's safety to use and assures no energy output if tip does not touch skin well. Make your body slim through natural burning of fatty tissues.
2. Continuous cooling system protects epidermis from being burnt while the deep-seated collagen is heated.
3. We also have several different small sizes tips, they are respectively suitable for eyes, face and body treatments.
4. RF energy release rate is adjustable, and increase the treatment comfort.
5. Carefully selected RF energy frequency can greatly reduce stimulation to nerve fiber.
6. The equipment has few consumables.
Technique parameter:

Output energy:300W
Power supply: AC220V  50Hz-60Hz 
Head temperature: 0℃-5℃
Energy density:0-100J/m

Frequency: 400KHz-1.25MHz
Operation mode: long pulse, short pulse, and continuous pulse
Operation environment:temperature:10℃-40℃
Weight :35Kg

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