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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency
Model: RF101
Unit: UNIT
Unit Price: 1 /UNIT
Min order: 1
Product Description:
RF technology adopts 6 million times high-efficiency radio frequency technology, which acts on skin. It can improve cellular metabolism, and strengthen blood circulation. Dermis molecule produces heat energy by following high-speed movement of radio frequency, which causes the shrink of collagen immediately, and stimulates dermis tissue to excrete more new collagen to fill up the vacancy of collagen which has shrunk and lost. The dermis tissue has absorbed plenty of energy, and then creates a lot of new collagen albumin. Wrinkles are smoothened by obtaining plentiful new collagen albumin, at the same time; dermis tissue is tightened and promotes skin to resume the state of young and health. Consequently RF can realize the multifunction of hairdressing, which can tighten skin, dispel wrinkle deeply, tender skin, promote skin elasticity and rejuvenate the skin.
【Features and Advantages】

1.High applied-range: impedance technology treatment, suitable to all kinds of skins, applied-range is larger.
2.High safety: epidermis is cooled by constant temperature, no operation, no anesthesia, no injection and no unbearable pain.
3.High efficiency: collagen tissue will shrink immediately when the temperature reaches 45-60℃, the skin can be lifted and tightened after one treatment.
4.Permanent effect: During 2-6 months after treatment, collagen albumin in the skin reorganizes gradually. Skin becomes smooth, wrinkles turn shallow, and the effect is permanent.
5.Quick treatment: the treatment time is short, and suitable to quick-consumed people.
6.High investment reward: wide usage and high charge can return the investment quickly.
7.High technology, new technique and high satisfaction of customers: different from traditional wrinkle dispelling and modeling means, fashionable worldwide.
Technique parameter:

Output energy:300W
Power supply: AC220V  50Hz-60Hz 
Head temperature: 0℃-5℃
Energy density:0-100J/m

Frequency: 400KHz-1.25MHz
Operation mode: long pulse, short pulse, and continuous pulse
Operation environment:temperature:10℃-40℃
Weight :15Kg

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