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Mini Skin Care IPL laser Beauty MachineWith CE

Mini Skin Care IPL laser Beauty MachineWith CE
Model: T102
Unit: PCS
Min order: 1
Product Description:

New products for 2012
-permanent hair remove
-skin care , pigmentation treatment
-Lamp life is 6000 times for hair removal
Mini / Portable IPL machine, hair removal , hair remover, laser (CE Approved)

1- Hair Removal

removes hair by intense pulsed light which heats up the hair shaft and it’s root.

Through light transformation, the darker hair receivesmore heat.

This process stops the hair growth early, in theanagen phase.

Hairs are usually in different states of the hair growth’s cycles.

Hence, more than 4 treatments are required to give you long-lasting hair-removal successfully

1st Treatment D-day Entire treatment

2nd Treatment D + 3day Partial treatment

3rd Treatment D + 14day Entire treatment

4th Treatment D + 17day Partial treatment

5th Treatment D + 28day Entire treatment

6th Treatment D + 31day Partial treatment

7th Treatment D + 42day Entire treatment

8th Treatment D + 45day Partal treatment

2- Skin care

1) Skin Test : Please follow the Hair Removal Skin Test

2) Scheduling

The total of 10 times treatments is one session.

The recommended schedule is of twice or three times treatments per week and it takes 4 to 5 weeks for one


When the beginning treatment of session, start with level 1, and increase the level from next treatment.

The Power level lamp indicate the energy level while the procedure should start over from Level 1 when the

treatment has been paused for over two week

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