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640nm -1200nm IPL Beauty Machine For Comedo, Acne Scars Removal

640nm -1200nm IPL Beauty Machine For Comedo, Acne Scars Removal
Model: p12
Unit: Set/Sets
Min order: 1
Product Description:
Detailed Product Description

640nm -1200nm IPL Beauty Machine For Comedo, Acne Scars Removal

Application Range:

(1).Freckle dispelling: hereditary freckle, age fleck, sunburn fleck, dermal spot, coffee freckle and deep skin pathological changes.

(2).Tender Skin: reduce fine threads and wrinkles; enhance skin elasticity, to restore healthy luster, beauty and white skin.

(3).Shrinking sweat pores: to effectively improve coarse pores and improve coarse facial skin and to remove skin imperfections.

(4).Capillary vessel dilatation.

(5).Acne, comedo and acne scars.

(6).Hair removal: depilation on the body forever, rapidly and efficiently clean the fine hair on your face, lip, bosom, back, limb, bikini line, and other parts with fine hair.


(1).Popular Design, attach standard light shots heads of tender skin and hair removal.

(2).Curing time for IPL procedure is short and very gentle, non-invasive and safe, requiring no downtime, recover soon.

(3).Closed Water Cooling system, Wind exchange and Semi-Conductor Cooling system.

(4).Output power 600W ensures the treatment area better curative effect.

(5).Output window cooling by the Semi-conductor which outputs the well-proportioned Intense Pulse Light, no harm to the skin.

(6).Output power 600W ensures the treatment area curative effect.

(7).One machine with multiple functions for Freckle dispelling, Tender skin, Shrinking pores, Wrinkle and Hair removal etc.

(8).Integrated Energy Calibration system, 8-inch LCD display, touch system, precise parameter adjustable, multiple model to choose, easy operation, master well in a short time.

(9).Reasonable price, perfect after-sale service and available cheap spare parts.

Net Weight: 30 kg
Technique parameter:

Technical parameters



Light Spectrum

560nm-1200nm (Skin Rejuvenation)

640nm-1200nm (Depilation)

Energy Density


Pulse Quantity


Pulse Width

1-30 ms

Repeat Period


Spot Size

15x50 mm⊃2;

Drive Power


Power Supply

AC 220V/AC 110V


Cooling System

Closed Water Cooling system, Wind exchange and Semi-Conductor Cooling system


400 x380x500mm⊃3;

Continuous working for

3 hours no interval

Xenon Lamp life

>60,000 flashes

Target tissue feeling


Net Weight



1 year

More popular in

Hospital, Clinics, Beauty salons


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